Roof Preventative Care: Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

When the hot sun and heavy rain combine, it can be difficult to keep your roof in good shape. As a trusted South Florida roofer, we want to share some tips on how you can prevent costly repairs by maintaining your roof now! 
Preventive and Maintenance

1) Check Your Gutters – Be sure that there are no leaves or other debris clogging up the gutters and blocking water from flowing through them. If there is, clean out these obstructions so they don’t cause any leaks in your home. 

2) Clean Out Your Downspouts – Water should run freely through these tubes without being hindered by anything. Be sure to check yours for any restrictions such as tree branches, leaves, or other debris that could be blocking water flow. 

3) Check Your Gutters and Downspouts for Leaks – We recommend checking your gutters and downspouts periodically to make sure they are not leaking. 

4) Check your main roof and flat roof for debris – Be sure to inspect your roof for any debris or leaves and simply clean them off with a blower or lightly sweep to keep your roof as clean as possible. This will help keep your roof healthy and prevent settlement cracks to your roof. 

5) Have your roof professionally cleaned (If Needed) – If your roof is in need of a more thorough cleaning due to dirt, mold, or algae buildup, have it professionally cleaned by a qualified cleaning company. It is important to never use bleach or harmful chemicals to your roof as this will break down the underlayments of your roof causing your roof to fail and will void any roof warranties still available. 

6) Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected – We recommend having your roof inspected every two years for proper water flow, maintenance and to make sure there are no leaks.

Does your roof need some TLC? A Native Roofing representative will provide a free estimate and give you more information on how to waterproof your roof and what type of roofing material is best.

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