A Case Study on the Crawford Residence Reroof – Communication is Everything

Are you currently shopping for a new roof or in need of a roof repair? Check out our case study on the Crawford residence in Wellington, FL
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Are you currently shopping for a new roof or in need of a roof repair? Check out our case study on the Crawford residence in Wellington and discover how we addressed their concerns head-on, communicating every step of the way.

Initial Challenges – Recently, Lucy Crawford bought a new home that had an older roof and soon realized the roof needed to be replaced. She wasn’t sure if the fascia, flashing, and wood siding needed to be replaced along with the roof. To prepare for the potential additional repairs, the Crawford’s inquired about their financing options.

After further discussing roofing material options and her budget, Lucy decided a shingle roof was the way to go.

Solution – Lucy required a new roof for a reasonable cost, so we suggested she evaluate the financing option available on our website. Once the financing of her roof was secure, the financial burden of the additional repairs was lessened significantly.

Implementation Process – As the tear-off crew began work, it was determined some of the fascia, as well as all the flashing and all the wood siding needed to be replaced along with the original shingles. As we communicated this may be the case early on, Lucy was prepared and we explained why the additional repairs were necessary to properly reroof the home. After installing the wood substrate the roof was dried in using an underlayment. Next, our Native Roofing crew was ready for inspections and the shingles to be installed. The following day the work passed inspection and two days later the shingles were completed and passed the final roof inspection.

“I was there daily, fielding any questions Lucy Crawford had, fully explaining the entire reroofing process. It’s important to take the time to talk with our customers, reassuring them this big decision is worth it to preserve the integrity of their roof and to keep them safe.” – Darryl Vojtasek

Duration of the Project – Jim, Renee, Darryl, and the reroof crew worked together to provide Lucy with a beautiful new roof in 3 short weeks (including the signing of the contract, permitting, and the roof’s completion). The Village of Wellington turned around the permitting of the project within two weeks and the actual roofing work only took one week.

The Outcome – A satisfied customer with a beautiful new shingle roof, which in her words, is “helping her sleep at night.” We’re pleased the process was incredibly smooth and Lucy feels safer having a Native Roofing installation overhead.

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