How Proper Tree Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Costly Roof Repairs

Be mindful of where you plant trees that will grow to tower over your roof. This could lead to potential damages and costly roof repairs.
Cutting down tree money falling

We plant trees around our homes to provide shade and curb appeal. And while it’s a great idea, be mindful of where you plant trees that will grow to tower over your roof. This could lead to potential damages and costly roof repairs down the road.

If you’ve moved into a home with trees hanging over the roofline, trim them back or remove them entirely if need be. Proper tree maintenance along with your regular roof maintenance can help you avoid costly roof repairs. Here are a few ways your roof can be damaged by trees and what you should do to prevent it:

  1. Branches Scraping or Rubbing: When tree branches grow close enough to the house, they will eventually start scraping against the shingles on your roof. This constant scraping wears away at the shingles and could lead to roof leaks. Over time, it’s likely the shingles will need to be repaired or replaced.
  2. Old Tree with Dead Wood: Consider removing older trees with dead wood entirely. If you don’t own the tools or have the ability to remove them yourself, hire a professional tree removal and tree care service to handle them. A tree in this condition too close to the home is a recipe for disaster, especially when storm season hits.
  3. Animal Destruction: Overhanging branches giverodents and other critters easy access to gnaw on your roof and siding. Keep tree branches at least 10 feet away from your roof to prevent any unwanted creatures from setting up shop.
  4. Storm damage: The wind plays a factor in some roof damage when it causes tree branches to hit the roof or its edges, damaging shingles, gutters, and other accessories. A more severe storm could send a bigger branch through your roof leaving you with extensive damages and allowing water to infiltrate the interior of your structure.
  5. Too Much Shade: Did you know thatmildew, moss, and algae can grow on your roof if a tree provides too much shade? This is particularly true in regions that experience humid summers or a lot of rainfall like South Florida. This added moisture causes your roof materials to deteriorate and shortens the roof’s lifespan. It also has the potential of developing into a health hazard if untreated for a long period. With tree limbs cut back, more sunlight will hit your roof, helping prevent this issue.

The solution is simple! Make sure you participate in routine tree maintenance to ensure your roof is free of potential threats.

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